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Upward Basketball Slidell began in 1998 with 165 players as a ministry of First Baptist Church. By the 2003 season the enrollment was 830 children and youth with a staff of close to 150 volunteers. A key factor in this growth was the commitment by First Presbyterian Church and by First United Methodist Church to participate and support this ministry with their facilities. In fact, last season nearly 60 churches were represented by the participants. We have truly been blessed by the participation of so many children and their parents, and by the explosive growth in all facets of this ministry. Our commitment is to be faithful to Jesus Christ, the churches represented, and all those people who look to us to provide the best in a children's sports league.

Children that participate in our league demonstrate the broad diversity of our community. Ethnically, we have black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and others. Many of our people attend church regularly. Many people who play do not attend church at all. Socio-economically, our leagues cover a wide spectrum and everyone is created equal in our league. All these people with different backgrounds and beliefs come together to make Upward Basketball an exciting opportunity for your family.

The three main objectives of Upward Basketball Slidell are:

1. To share the love of Jesus Christ with the children of Slidell (and their parents)
2. To help grow our children to be men and women of character and integrity
3. To have a first-class basketball league

We are committed to keeping these objectives prioritized in the order listed here. Sometimes this is hard but we have found that the children like it better and we are better role models when we do it this way.